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What's New!

Based on community input, direction from the City and its regional partners, and analyses of technical data, the project team developed a draft report. This report was presented to the City of Smyrna and adopted in September 2020.

Read the final report and executive summary below!

Smyrna Connects-Transit Analysis and Feasibility Study-Final.pdf

Transit Analysis and Feasibility Study Draft Report

Smyrna Connects Final Executive Summary.pdf

Transit Analysis & Feasibility Study Final Executive Summary

About Smyrna Connects:

The City of Smyrna is launching an effort to create a consensus-driven transit vision for Smyrna and nearby communities with a focus on economic development, growth management, traffic mitigation, livable communities and corridors, and connected and walkable communities.

The study began in August 2019 and will continue until May 2020. Included will be an examination of existing and future conditions such as land use, market conditions, transit service, demographics, and travel patterns and consideration of the needs and desires of stakeholders and community residents. Costs and potential funding sources of the transit alternatives will be presented.

The conclusion of the study will provide the City of Smyrna with a full scope of community-supported transit opportunities for the city and surrounding areas, including a fiscally responsible and implementable vision for public transportation services over the next 20 years.

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